Saturday, July 26, 2008

ramdom thoughts

So I haven't really been feeling well lately then today a migraine hit. Not good for the running I know but I did officially sign up for the Marathon Training group at my local fleet feet. I ran 4 miles one day and 3 miles another at the gym on the "dreadmill". I would rather run outside but the smoke is bad again. I can't believe that its been nearly two months since the fires here first started. Our county has lost over 170 homes and its not like we live in a highly populated area. I hope they end soon, I would like to ride by bike to school when it starts.

Anyway. I'm going to try to run tomorrow. Does anyone else download books on cd to their ipods to listen to while they run? Do you have any good ideas? I do need to do at least one 8 mile run before training starts on the 19th of August and I would like to get in a few and maybe a 10 miler in too. I can't wait for school to start so I can be more consistent. We will see.

I will be in Seattle from the 4th to about the 10th. I'll try to update if I can but since I don't have a laptop (on my Christmas list) w/WiFi (also on my list) I don't know how that will work. You may just have to wait til I get back.

I do have a wedding to photograph next weekend. YEA! Renae and Brad are so cute. They will be getting married here in the north state but living in Savannah Georgia where he is stationed in the army. My BIL and sista lived there for a while when they first got married. I am so excited for them. It will be a good wedding and a few extra bucks to be toward my new camera.

For this week. I'll try to run tomorrow (5-6 miles hopefully). I need to do two days of weights and two days of core. Maybe try to swim again. LOL. that was a sad sight. made it a whole 4 laps. I just can't figure out how to blow bubbles under water. LOL

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