Sunday, November 2, 2008

Run outta steam

I don't know what happened today. The first 10 mile warm up before the race was so good. I really felt REALLY GOOD! Then I ran the Almond Bowl 10K and I struggled all the way through it. I just didn't feel good then my thighs and calves started cramping. I must have not eaten enough and I ... I just don't know. My last 18 miles was great. My 20 mile run was good too. We finished off with almost 2 mile cool down and I struggled through that even though Vicki and Liz put up with me the whole way. I literally thought I was going to throw up after the 10k.

10.1 miles 1:40:38 or so... then a nice jog to the REAL restrooms put us at 1:44:35 overall and 10.43 miles. We ate a half of a PB&J so I guess I won't be doing that again. Stretched then headed to the start line of the 10K. The race started and I stayed with Liz through the first 4 miles then I shuffled through the last 2 miles. It was SO HARD, to stay focused, not to walk, to slow enough to keep my heart rate down. It was a miserable race. I finished in about 58m and change. Not to hot for me but oh well.

Good Neighbor ran her first 5K today and Rocked it at 34:25! GREAT JOB GN! thats an 11:05 pace. I wish I could have been there to take pictures of you. Next 5K, maybe Fost or Fog?

I'm hoping next weekends Clarksburg run is better. 20 miles again. I'm going with Vicki and Liz and I'll try to keep up.


Steven Cohen said...

So you used the 10K as part of a larger training goal? You've already done more in a day than I've done all weekend! I'll give 2¢ even though a 10 mile race is my longest yet: hydration and fuel. You really need protein for immediate use, and carbs should have come from dinner the night before. But you did it, and fought through hard times, so way to go! See you on the Facebook!

SuperDave said...

Wow! I just can't believe that you ran a 10.43 miler, then raced. Are you crazy? Then a cooldown..
LOL! You are my hero.
Even you slim gals need food every once in a while..

ShirleyPerly said...

Perhaps it was a nutrition issue but I think having to take a break between the 10 miles and then the 10k would do bad things for me. Still, not every training run goes the way you want and often the ones that don't are the ones that help you the most later on when things might get tough during your marathon.

Keep rocking!!

Karinda said...

How, how, how, how, how!?!?!? Ok, even if I'm a single mom whose head is absolutely spinning, I could still get out there with the jogging stroller. Yet........HOW!?!?! Is there a method to the madness? A secret trick? Can you please snap your fingers so that I will be eating right and exercising regularly starting tomorrow until forever?

Marcy said...

OMG I probably would have DIED if I had to do 10 and then race. Way to go!!

Julianne said...

You ran 10 miles as warm up?? Wow, you are so hard core!! But you did the run and done with that one. I'm sure next week will be better!!