Sunday, August 31, 2008

10 Miles to Heaven:Turn left here

From my mouth to Gods ears...

I haven't RUN 10 miles since the half marathon program. I haven't run 10 miles since the Half Marathon! That was March 1st! LOL. I was a little worried. I didn't sleep much but I tried to rest and not to think about things I have no power over, although that is easier said than done.

I got up at 6:15, ate a banana folded some laundry (so I would actually have something to wear)Grabbed my GU and water bottle and was ready to run by 7:15. I did a half mile or so warm up, stretched then put my head down and kept Liz and Vicki in my sights for the first few miles. My pace was supposed to be 10:30-10:45 a mile. I was running with the fast girls and landed a little fast at the 10:31/mile pace overall. I felt good and feel good now. Next week though...12miles.

I spend those miles thinking and praying. I've been doing that a lot. Thinking through things I can't seem to figure out, have no power over, don't know how I can make it better, mulling them around a bit, waiting for answers that are impossible for me to answer on my own and giving them away to a Higher Power. My church today was a 10 mile run.

I guess things are working out, maybe not for the best but calmed down for the moment so I need not worry the way I did last night. On top of all the other things going through my head my sister calls to say that her friend was bit by something and was headed to the hospital because she was having a severe allergic reaction. Upon inspection it appears to be a bite from a Fire Ant. I'm glad she's doing better today after some medical treatment and some pre-emptive Benadryl in her purse in case it happens again, she's home. That girl lives in Oklahoma, she needs some BIG ASS BUG SPRAY before she goes to any more football games.


Running Knitter said...

I really like those kinds of runs - where I can clear my head and have my own conversations with God. :)

Kimberly said...

Thanks for the post on my blog. I hadn't posted in so long I hadn't really planned on keeping it up. But I may do it now and then. It is good for therapy. I really wrote the first two posts to just get things off my chest...didn't really think others would read them.. SMILE That was hilarious about the Princess treadmill What a jerk.
Hope this finds you doing great.

ShirleyPerly said...

Great job on the 10-miler!! Hope you were able to work something out during your run. I've often found long runs very useful for that.

And scary about the fire ant reaction. There are very common in the South. One guy who was very allergic died recently when several bit him while he was out walking his dog.

Kai said...

I hope everything is ok with you, and whatever feels wrong sorts itself out. Congrats on your 10-miler as well - remember, running is cheaper than therapy. =)