Thursday, August 28, 2008

Harder Faster Stronger

I'm glad I did the 10K program before starting the Marathon program. I'm finding the speed work to not only be working but really mixes up the running routine. I enjoy the way I feel after (most) runs, especially after my speed work.

Tuesday we ran 2 miles warm up then 4 strides. We did some interval work of 4 minutes fast and hard then a 3 minute recovery. We did this three times before heading back on our 2 mile cool down. Those four minutes were the longest 4 minutes running. Paul (one of the coaches) said that we should be reaching close to our maximum heart rate. That makes me wish I had brought my heart monitor with me. I'm still a bit scared to use it. By the third set I was running over a half mile at 7:45 pace. I haven't seen that pace.... well not at all since I started running again.

The problem with that is that now I want it lower. I would love to run a 7:45 mile. Of course that leads to faster miles, faster pace and someday a sub 4 hour marathon. I know I'm projecting way too far, its just so hard not to think about when I'm staring at the Seattle Rock 'n' Roll half scheduled for next year and hopefully CIM again. Someday I would like to do the Disneyland half and for my 35th birthday I'd like to do the Goofy Marathon.

Yea I'm a bit of a freak, I can admit that. First lets get through this training program. Step 2 getting over the finish line in Sacramento. Step 3 planning for next year.

Tonight: 6@ 6 girls only running group. Lets see how far we get in 105*F temps.

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