Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What the HECK!?!

Saturday the hubby bought me some new kicks. I *heart* my Mizunos. I am on my 4th pair. They are the prettiest running shoes I have ever worn. I tried on another pair a size smaller but they were so tight along the frount of my foot that it hurt to even stand in them. HMMM... So I went with the Alchamy 7. The freakin' things give me blisters. I have NEVER had blisters with My Mizonos before. What the heck is going on? I'm emailing Tom at Fleet Feet to see if anyone else is having issues. 4 blisters! 4. I am appaled. They had better not have changed my Minzunos. I'll be really sad. I'm already really mad. Walking around like a gimp. This apparently not the time to take fashion over comfort.


Sunday Morning I got up early and went for an 8 mile run. I didn't go my usual route to the park but decided to do the neighborhood thing and take the bike path through town. There were enough people out on a Sunday morning to feel safe there. (usually I would not take this path, I personally know too many people who have been jumped or attacked along this trail). Lots of people walking and running smiled at me, waved, a few I even recognized. I took to the streets and headed North to a small trail I had seen several times and was curious about, looking back I should have done this trail when I had someone with me because NO ONE would have found me for ages if something had happened to me but I'm trying not to be a wuss and it was so nice to run through the quiet morning along this mile long rolling hills path behind the local subdivision. I liked it so much I did it again. By the time I finished my second loop I had 3 of my 8 miles finished. I took my run West and headed for the bike path. made a sharp turn South when I got through the main streets and took off. I had never been all the way to the other side and was surprised when I ended up a block from the Hubby's Aunts house. Of course no body was home. But it was nice to look at my watch and see exactly 6 miles as I crossed the houses path. Good to know. I was still feeling really good. I took two shot blocks at mile 5 one at mile 6 and one at mile 7. I took off across one of the towns busy intersections and headed back towards the house along the channel (another thing looking back might not have been a good idea) to the foot bridge we take to get to school and headed up towards home. I crossed the 8 mile mark as I turned the corner to our house. PERFECT. I could have run another two miles but I had to get the kiddo's ready for church. I felt so good. My ass hurt for a couple days but that could have been the squats I had been doing too. LOL.

Monday and Tuesday
I took Monday off after my "long" run. I had our first group run for the Marathon training program Tuesday night. We ran 5 miles, steady for our first work out. I ran with the faster crowd. I shouldn't have done that. It felt great. I felt good all day, I felt great during the run. I stretched really well. Everything felt perfect.

Today I walked with Jenni. 5.18 miles. 1h18m. Not bad. Good clip but I wore myself out I guess. I stretched then headed out for my run. I was exhausted and I have never had so much negative talk during a run. Not even when I started running. My blisters hurt, my legs hurt, I'm wheezing... where the hell did that come from. What the heck is going on??? 2.2 miles? I literally could not run a step farther. I had to walk it in. I was on the verge of tears the whole (LOL) run. I just hope that I get my crap together tomorrow. Eat Breakfast early, no walking before hand just get my miles in. I'm up to an amazing.... 15.2 miles for the week when I'm supposed to hit 25-31 miles by Saturday. Let's all pray that today was a fluke!

As Scarlet would say, "Tomorrow is another day."

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ShirleyPerly said...

Bummer about the blisters! Unfortunately, shoe manufacturers do make small changes when they update models and a new seam or something pretty minor can cause problems. Hope you can find something that works.