Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Light bulb moment

FOOD IS FUEL.... OK so I have known this for a while but I'm not like some of you foodies. I'm not good at it. I can cook a couple of things pretty well but very few of them my family will eat. Most of them revolve around veggies and my kids and husband like things out of a can or a box. Today I ate really good, well I should say I ate like a pig. Actually as I'm writing this those of you from Chico will be jealous that I'm mowing on a frozen yogurt from Jon 'n' Bons... actually its a Carmel latte swirl with chocolate granola on top. I know I'm so bad.

Today I ate... a bowl of Honeynut cheerios with a banana cut up in it and a glass of OJ at 6:30am.

I ate a toasted bagel with a poached egg and slice of pepper jack cheese and a tablespoon of mustard on it at 10:30am

I ate a chicken fajita taco from Taco's De Alcapoco (again you Chicoans are jealous I know) at 1:30pm.

I ate a half of a large chicken breast breaded with a half of a slice of laughing cow cheese melted inside, 1 serving of creamy Parmesan risotto and 2 servings of acorn squash for dinner at 5:30pm.

I have drank over 96oz of water today. and I'm eating easily 2 servings of frozen yogurt now. YUMM-O.

I cannot believe how well you feel when you have been eating like you should be eating, errrr....at least getting the calories you should be eating. Now that I'm clocking almost 25 miles a week and I'll be adding more this week I hope, I feel good on a run when I eat good. DUHH... It has only taken me 9 months to figure this out. I have found that my stomach is not balching at wheat products since I've been running but still does not like food high in fat... like that Japanese place in Washington with their fried rice. I loved it... it did not like me. hmmm.

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