Friday, August 29, 2008

I met the Princess last night

Thursday: Too hot to run 6 miles at 6 o'clock with girls so I headed to the
gym. I picked a treadmill that no one was on and no one was signed up for 7pm.
Since it was 15 til I signed in and jumped on. First my fan didn't work should
have been a sign that this run was not meant to be. I did sweat it out for 2
miles. I pushed the cool down button as I got the feeling someone was staring at
me. It was In Motion treadmill princess and her entourage. I didn't recognize
them right away. It took me a moment to put two and two together. Then this

Princess: Ummm... my friends and I, (waving her hand to
acknowledge her
equally annoying friends), we reserved these treadmills for

Me: I'm sorry, its 7:10 now and I need to cool down. I'll just
be a few

Princess: YOU don't understand. We RESERVED (said
very slowly like I'm some
kind of freakin' idiot) these treadmills down there on the
sign in sheet for

Me: Your initials were not there for 7pm.
Mine are. I'm almost
done. (I did not ever say this in a snotty or rude
voice. Just to the fact
voice. I didn't talk slow either although THEY are
obviously the

Princess: (hands on her WIDE ASS hips, my
judgments are moving the surface
quickly and in abundance now) Maybe you
erased it and put yours down.

Me: (Stopping the treadmill) Its a freakin' treadmill. I
wouldn't do that.
(First I bit my tongue for the insults on the tip of it
threatened to fall out
of my mouth. I took the towel and my water and walked
away WITHOUT wiping down my machine from the horrific amounts of sweat I lost in
those 20 minutes I was running. I'm a rebel I know).

Girl behind me who
was kicked off her treadmill from the princess group:
You go girl!


SuperDave said...


That is the funniest story I have ever heard!!!
You Go Tina!

Steven Cohen said...

You have some self-control to not tell her what's what! I might have challenged her to face off with the staff about it. You're the bigger person in this story, by far! Actually, it sounds very MTV, at least from their part! : )

Kai said...

Ugh, what bitches! Way to stand up to them, although kudos to you for biting your tongue. You should've wiped the sweat off your body and then smeared it all over the machine. =D

P.O.M. said...

Reason #43 to avoid the gym. At least outside you can outrun the princesses and their fat asses. ha ha.

I told some man the other day to "take a chill pill." How very 8th grade of me. But better than saying what I was really thinking.