Saturday, August 16, 2008

New Kicks and a fresh perspective

I hate being sick... I haven't run in three days because the thought of taking a deep breath is just depressing, painful and too aggravating to mention. Anyway I still want to feel like a part of the running world, (and missing three days of running made me feel out of the loop... I'm such a dork or actually a runner but haven't decided which yet) so I took the hubby and the check book down to the local running store and bought some shoes to replace my MIA (in fact in my sista's living room 600 miles away) shoes. Its a little weird to walk into a store like that and realize that not only do you know everyone who works there, and some who just came in to buy shoes or running gear, but they all know you too. You know what I mean, the Cheers factor. Instead of "NORM" it was "Hey Tina you ready for Tuesday?" "Hey Tina you been running this week? How many miles you get in on your trip?" Crazy ain't it, that you can feel at home in a running store. Proof that I spend too much time and $$, according the the Hubbs, in one single place. I think I'm supporting the local economy by purchasing my hobbie items with a local store. I know for a fact that I have probably spent $700 or more since January 1st.
Hubbs, Alan and Susan the owners, Tom who was sizing and helping me find shoes all talked about running (or Hubbs lack of), talked about the marathon program coming up and the excitement around that. For the most part I listened and had little conversation with my self (in my head thank you very much) and I found that for the most part, my whole life, I have felt like I hang on the outside fringes of most groups I partake in. PTA, parents at school, even my friends core group of friends. Here in the store, it feels like I'm right in the middle and part of it all. Accepted although I'm slower than most, accepted even though many of them have been runners for a lot longer than I have, accepted because we have similar goals and passion for this sport that I just don't see going away. Part of me giving up on me, or certain situations has had to do with not feeling apart of it. I finished the half marathon program, the half marathon, three 5K's or so, the 10K program and a 10k... I'm feeling pretty successful right now.
I came out of the store with a smile, a feeling of fulfillment and a new wicking hat and some new shoes to boot. I didn't run today but it was one of my most successful breakthroughs on the training front.


Kai said...

That's why running is better than all other sports! =D And in what other sport can you be on the field with the professional elites? I love hanging out in my running store too, although I still feel kind of like a poser. I feel like a kid looking in on the cool crowd!

P.O.M. said...

I love my running store too. I got new Asics this weekend. Just did 4 miles this morning in them and like them so far.