Sunday, August 24, 2008

The 10K "Time Trial"

To assess each of us for our estimated marathon pace we had a "10K Time trial". Today I woke up tired... I hate it when that happens. I ate a bagel because we were out of oatmeal, I had orange juice because I was worried about not having enough calories or fuel. I dropped the kids at the neighbors and headed to the park.
Once there I ran a half mile warm up before we ran a mile warm up and 4 strides with group. We stretched and headed off on our time trial. I did this exact 10K loop August 2nd and came in (at their time) 56:39. My watch said 56:29.
Anyway, I took off with Liz (my running hero... she works with my mom. Of course she doesn't know that she's my running hero.) I kept her in sight for the first 2 miles til she stopped for water after taking a GU. I passed her and she caught up with me. We talked but I was really struggling. I kept looking at my watch and thinking OMG I'm never going to able to finish at this pace. This is like 5K pace for me. We ran the rest of the way in together. Well at least to the Damn Bridge when she passed me and kept that last half mile speeding up. I'm not sure what her time was but I came in at 56:05. YEAH!!!! I had to do another mile cool down (I only did 2/3 of a mile cause I could hardly move. I had used ALL my reserves but since I ran 1 1/2 miles for warm up I figured I was OK. I stretched, drank some electrolyte stuff they had out there and headed home. I dozed for a bit after drinking my tea because I was just exhausted.
I have to say that WAS the MOST INTENSE speed workout I have ever had. Here's the breakdown:

M1: 9:02
M2: 9:02
M3: 9:15
M4: 9:10
M5: 9:08
M6: 8:48
.2M: 1:50


Last weeks totals:
Sunday: 8 miles easy
Tuesday: 5 miles
Wednesday: 2.2 really hard miles
Thursday: 4.5 miles
Friday: 4.5 miles
Saturday: Rest
Total: 24.2

Plan for this week:
Monday: Rest
Tuesday 5 mile speed workout
Wednesday: 4 mile easy
Thursday: 4-5 miles easy
Friday: 4-5 miles easy
Saturday: rest or 4 miles easy
Sunday: 10 mile long run
Total: 27-33 miles

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SuperDave said...

What a great time!!
All of that speedwork you are doing is really paying off. The cool thing is that you didn't back off during the whole run, with a sub 9 for the final mile. Bravo!!