Monday, September 8, 2008

Hold onto your hats

I'm still here, just a bit delayed. I have actually written a couple other blogs but for some odd reason I tried to post them and they failed to save and just disappeared into blogosphere. Since they are sort of obsolete now I will not try to replicate the hour and 1/2 worth of refreshing ideas I had planed but just let you know I'm here.
I did run 12.25 miles on Saturday. I took off with the 6 @ 6 girls for a 7am run on Saturday because the hubs was working Sunday. He missed yet another day of hunting with the doc but oh well. For once... I'm first. Its kinda weird and I'm feeling really guilty about it actually. I never had anything important enough to counteract hunting til now and I don't think either of us are realizing how much time and energy it takes to keep up the miles and time to train for a marathon when he always just went if he had a day off. Not any more.
The run was good. We left about 7:10 and had more stops than I would like but that's what happens when you're running with different people than your used to. You either go off and leave them or wait around and hang by the water fountain for an extra 5 min waiting for your heart rate to go down. Actually it was a kinda nice break. When I got home and downloaded off the Garmin we ran at 10:23 pace. just a little fast for my long runs but not too bad. I took yesterday off because I had no babysitter and walked a brisk 3.4 miles with Mayli and Kayla today instead of run. I might run some tonight. I have to find a sitter for tomorrow night for speed work and I can run Wednesday a short 2-4 miles easy depending on how I feel.
My long run is Thursday this week. 2 easy (10:30-10:45/mile) 6 marathon pace (9:58/mile) then 2 easy again. I need to get it done on Thursday since I leave for my drivve to LA on Friday with Mom and Aunt Sandy. I will be walking 13.1 miles on Saturday and again on Sunday for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer and headed back to real life on Monday.
Food: OMG I ate so much food on Saturday. Its like I couldn't get enough. I can't even remember what I ate it was so much of a blur. I'm usually not hungry... and if I do ever get hungry I had better eat when I feel it because if the feeling passes (and it does for me quickly) I stop being hungry and start being grumpy but still don't want to eat. I don't think FFP could even believe how much I ate. I woke up Sunday hungry too, just not ravanous like before. Is this how it is all the time when your miles go up? I swear I ate 2500 when I am used to consuming around 1200 at day. I know I know, 1200calories was practically just my run. In general I'm being a lot more aware of what I eat and when. Still have some work to do today. I don't think a tall pumpkin spice latte and an apple fritter were the best choices for breakfast today. After being off of wheat products for 4 years my tummy doesn't quite know what to do with it.

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