Monday, August 11, 2008

Summer Sizzler 10k

This is not a race I planned on running. Actually it was just to get in fighting form for the marathon program starting August 19th. Since it was a certified course but not chip timed I went ahead and signed up (free for me since I did the 10K progam) and went on down to the park Saturday morming. My goal was to get 8 miles in that day so I went on out and did my warm up of 1.8 miles before the run started. I really do need two or three miles to get warmed up, even in the summer, before I feel like I'm not struggling. I stretched and did some strides. I had a vague goal of under and hour, a more concrete goal of 57:00 minutes. Since this race was more of a long tempo run for me, my goal was really just to have a faster second half than the first half.

My times started out in the mid 9's and hit the mid 8's by the last two miles. I came in at 56:35. Not too bad. I didn't really train as hard as I had hoped with all the smoke in the air this summer. I have no excuses when the marathon program starts since the kiddo's will be in school.


Kai said...

Congrats on your 10K, that's a great time! I also need a mile (or two or three) before I really feel warmed up and settled into a rhythm. Those are my want-to-quit miles!

SuperDave said...

Great race Tina.
You get faster and faster.

ShirleyPerly said...

You nailed it -- GOOD JOB!!