Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Run Around

Today Good Neighbor and I went to KK's house to run with her on "her" route. Just beyond her house is the levy that goes all the way to 5 mile, the same levy I follow from the opposite side on our long runs into upper park. KK signed up for 5K program and she's going to do great! We took her dog Comet and Cindi and off we went. since I forgot to hit the start button on the Garmin (who needs a name) when we left I started it at the turn around and we got in about 3.3 miles with a couple of walk breaks today. The doggies were great. They stayed pretty close and when called they generally came running back. I hope that we ran off some steam since she hasn't been out for a run in over a week. OUCH. yea. But it was a nice recovery run for me and we had a nice girl time jog together. It was kinda cool to see the same old route from a new perspective, the clean air, the rushing water through the creek, the sunshine and beautiful park we live so close to. I can't wait to do it again.


Steven Cohen said...

Cool run! And how nice to forget the Garmin. Sometimes you just don't even need it, right?

TinaGirl said...

yea, Wednesdays are usually my day to not use the Garmin anyway because its the morning after a hard speed work out so I just want the recovery and time on my feet but since it was a route I had never taken before I was interested to know how far it was. It worked out just setting it for the way back...and I have a third grader who is working on adding fractions and decimals. LOL