Tuesday, February 3, 2009

One step forward

Two steps back. I haven't run in three days. I get out there and my feet do not want to move. Actually today I took off a mental health day instead of going to speed workout after breaking down in tears over not going to Costco. Yea, I'm not pregnant or PMSing. I think that I'm having a little mini crisis over this school board stuff and worried that keeping my kids in this school with this particular principal at the helm is what is best for my kids. I love the teachers and the parents and the kids especially at the 3rd grade level. I would really really hate to move Hollywood again. This is already his third school and the first time he's been at the same school two years in a row.

I'm going for a run tomorrow. Hopefully hard run first thing in the morning to clear my head and an easy one at 10am with Jenni. Hopefully the legs work, hopefully this is a hiccup or a puddle and not a hurdle, I'm not much of a hurdle jumper. Puddles, puddles I can handle.

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Karen said...

Run run run. It will make it all better--or at least the endorphins will make you not care so much. Either way, its a win-win situation.