Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Hollywood is reading the book. Totally reminds me of ME. I'm still a wimp. I am a people pleaser and for once, running, I found something that I can do for me, running, and makes me feel accomplished, running, I can't believe I ran a marathon, running, and I'm let people walk all over my emotions, running, and I think run on sentences are lame, running. LOL

But really, I'm one of those people who stretch themselves too thin. I'm one of those people who love to help others or jump into saving something I care about with two feet. Becoming a runner has taught me a lot about how to live life, how to share it, how to balance it although I'm still bad at that part. Hollywood told me he's proud of me today. I asked "Proud? What makes you proud of me?" You ran all those miles for a race but it took a long time for you to get there. Like MONTHS!" Yea, I'm glad he noticed that I've been leaving him with sitters and his grandparents way too much. BUT he realized why and what I did for me benefited him. I'm so much better as a cool headed mommy when I run.


Steven Cohen said...

Ha ha. Run-on sentences. That's a pun. Ha ha. Nice little subliminal man references (SNL) throughout your whole (SNL) blog post (SNL).

Carly said...

I am the same way! Although I am just now starting my running journey and need to remember when I want to get out there, I need to do this and I will be in a better state of mind. (how is that for a run on)?