Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lovin' it

I've never, never, never asked for jewelry from the hubby. For the most part I don't ask because I'm pretty particular about size, I'm small and some things just seem to overpower me or make me feel self conscious. But this year I asked for a special bracelet, one that he can't get wrong. I linked him directly to it then dropped the page into my "Favorites: Gift ideas for your WIFE" folder. Lets keep our fingers crossed. I'm loving on the Tarma Designs and hope to add more to my jewelry box soon. What do you think you're getting for Valentines day? What did you get your sweetie? I can't wait to read ALL about your week when I get back!


RBR said...

What a cool bracelet! Your training is going so great you are becoming quite the Speedy McSpeederton!

Karen said...

Cute bracelet. You are getting very speedy! I got my sweetie a new coffee maker. I know I know. I'm a romantic. That's how I roll.

Kai said...

I love this bracelet! It's a much more subtle way to say, "I'm a runner! I run a lot! Yup, I'm really strong and awesome!"

Have fun in Disneyland, can't wait to see pics and hear the stories! Maybe you can just run around inside the park? ;)

SuperDave said...

Cool bracelet!
I didn't recognize your new picture.
You look marvelous
*in my best Billy Crystal voice*