Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fast Pass

I did speed work out tonight and even though it hurt, it was cold, it was wet, it was not as fun as I had hoped it would be...I did it. 1.5 mile warm up with strides and 10x 800m at 10K pace and 40 seconds recovery between. I managed to hang with the girls and stick just a few seconds behind them. Each interval landed me in at about 4 minutes to 4min10seconds. Not too shabby. Ohhh and the hubby bought me a windbreaker/water resistant jacket and it came in handy since I ran in REAL RAIN not just drizzle tonight.

Since I've got Disneyland on the mind still I decided to use a bit of terminology for my post tonight. I passed the long line (no long run this week) and jumped in at the fast pass (speed work). Thursday long run, Saturday Almond Blossom 10K(kinda)and breakfast. Maybe some kettlebells and an easy run with Jenni in the morning. Cindi really, really, really needs it.


*Sarah* said...

Those are great times! Especially with such a hard workout! I gave my ladies a break today and only had them do 4-6 x 400m with a 1 minute break. NICE WORK!!

Steven Cohen said...

Great workout, and nice touch with the fast pass comments!