Monday, February 16, 2009

Pick up the slack

Blondy loves the Tower of Terror. We had to run across the park to make in on time befor it closed Friday night.

I really need to pick up the slack. I would count walking all over Disneyland for three days working out because I have to. I have done nothing in terms of running or working out this week. I started getting a headache coming over the Grapevine Saturday on I-5 (or "the 5 if I was from SoCal) and it just progressed into a migraine as the night wore on. I still have the headache. It doesn't want to let up. I'm hoping that a good workout tomorrow night and some nice weather for the next few days will help get me back into the swing of things. I will say that I ate very healthy while on our trip. I chose fruits and veggies as snacks and at dinner I chose a small protein and lots of veggies so I didn't gain 5lbs on our 3 day excursion like last year. Guess What? I still gained 5lbs. What the heck. Must have been retaining water or something, Dehydrated and puffy is my only excuse.

Tomorrow it starts again. Speed workout, Kettle bells on Wednesday and Friday. No MORE SLACKING. The Shamrock'n Half is just a few weeks away. No more excuses.

I did take my resting heartrate this morning before I got up and again tonight and they were both 55beats per minute. Pretty good. My resting heart rate when I started the half marathon program last January was 63bpm so I'm showing cardiovascular improvement. Lets see how the next few weeks go though. I may be kickin' myself for taking a week off.

Hey, you wanna see some more pics from Disneyland!?! Head on over to my other blog to get the story.


Steven Cohen said...

I love the Tower! Gotta be a top 5 ride ever! Nice food choices for a Disney park, too. They don't make it easy, do they? Don't beat yourself up over it, and try to get some more water.

Kai said...

Glad you had a great time! You're on VACATION, chill out about the slacking, you're supposed to be lazy and enjoy yourself. Don't worry about the 5 pounds, I'm sure it'll come right off once you get back to your regular schedule.

Love the pics on your other blog!

aron said...

i want to go to disneyland sooo bad :) its been so long!! sounds like a great trip!

you can do it! now that you are back home just focus and you will be back in no time :) are you doing the shamrock half in sac?