Saturday, February 13, 2010

Here's the stinkin' deal

I know being hurt does not make me a failure. In truth I would rather be a flake or fail than to admit out loud to the world I am just incapable. I found EVERY excuse in the book to talk myself out of being hurt. I finally had to bite the bullet and see the doctor because a spot on the bottom of my right foot hurt and wouldn't stop hurting and hurt worse when I ran on pavement. GRRRRrrrrrr. One 1/2 mary program down the tubes. I made it an entire week I think?

So off to the foot doc I go and she tells me I have this silly tendinitis thing called "Sesmoiditis" in my foot. Thankfully its not fractured! But WTH??? and was it my Frost or Fog run or something else? Apparently I also have a pretty severely tilted Pelvis because I'm not freaky enough all ready having tendonitis in my foot for a bone no one has even heard, of now my pelvis is "tilted" and F*ing everything else up too. My Right side is higher than my left and all my muscles and tendons are out of whack. So out of whack that my ass muscles aren't even firing when I run or walk! Lucky me hu?

So My feet are messed up royally from the "out of whackness" of my hip all the way down my leg to the toesies and the doc fits me for $500 orthotics to help fix that and writes me an Rx for 4-6 weeks of PT to retrain my muscles to be doing the right instead of the wrong thing. I see flashes of dark places and pain in my near future. very Twilight Zone Doo Doo doo doo Doo Doo doo doo...

On top of all this there has been some family issues I won't get into here and a sick Gma who has been having delusions from her meds due to her broken hip. She has Osteoperosis... and not counting the fact that she is amazingly sharp and motivated for 85 years old she also has several other medical problems to deal with and is struggling with the idea of walking or living on her own after this. This is very unlike her. My fears are two fold, some for her and some for the mind time machine traveling 50 years into my future playing an endless loop in my head. Before I was even 30 I had early signs of my future including a diagnosis of "osteopenia" the warning signs of Osteoperosis. See what I have to look forward to? LOL More about the PT apt later because that was a Hella fun afternoon, let me tell you. UGH!

What have your running injuries been and how did you overcome them? really really really tell me!

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Steven Cohen said...

Hey Tina, sorry to hear about your foot. I developed a nasty blister in the middle of my right foot a couple years ago, one that hardened and became a sore underneath another blister, and rest was all it took to heal and get me going again. I've also fought off a tender achilles tendon a couple times.

Most recently I tore a calf muscle (during basketball, doh!) and still haven't started running. But take the rest part seriously, and do whatever else you can during that time! Cross training is essential to avoid those stupid problems, anyway.