Monday, February 15, 2010

Looking Up

Sorry to be all doom and gloom. My body and Running are rebelling against eachother but I've been able to do some thinking about how devoted to running I've been and how I really need to add cross training into that regimen. This is a good time to find some other activities that I enjoy doing so I can incorporate them into the schedule once I start training for a race again. I intend to pick my poor PT's mind this week. I don't know how to swim (very well). Maybe time to change that? I enjoy riding on my old lady cruiser and putting in time on the granny seat back and forth to school and running errands would afford me a little extra calorie burn. And of course back to Kettlebells when the tax refund comes in.

I did get some modified stretches from the PT to do this weekend to loosen up this tight right side. I've been doing them but not sure if there has been any improvement since then. I'll keep doing them because it has to be better than doing nothing at all. I'm excited and not so excited to have them work me out on Tuesday. I'm a little worried about the sore muscle fall out but excited to be on the road to recovery. Does that make sense? I guess its a bitter-sweet feeling... I'll think of it like dark Chocolate, really good in moderation, too much and and you'll pay the piper. LOL

Last week the PT did the evaluation on me and an hour and a half later I was so sore from all the bending and twisting. I wish I had a hot tub but a long hot shower had to do. 2x a week for the next 4 weeks then I'll go back to the foot doc to see how I'm doing and get my orthotics in. I have figured out that driving hurts that right foot area that is inflamed so I've adjusted my seat and foot position (when I remember) to keep it from aggravating. Hopefully the PT will give me some direction tomorrow on things to do to stay in shape during this way lay. I'm looking forward to going back to KOR Fitness to get back into "fighting shape" before hard core (he he he, pun totally intended) running training time comes around.

If you are out of the training loop or out injured what kinds of cross training do you do?


Dimity and said...

Hey Tina--
I like to ride and do the stair climber (the one with the rotating stairs--not the pedals) at the gym. But neither is like running. I hate being injured--and am sorry you're dealing with it too. Hope PT appt. goes well.

Askew To You said...

I do yoga all the time. I have to because of the problems with my hip. I also ride my bike and swim in the Summer.

What if you have a riding goal, like riding one of the legs of the Wildflower that is coming up? Having a training goal might make it more like running in a way.

I have had a really hard time running for about a year. It bothers my hip. I miss my running self. A lot.

(This is Michelle Hamor Smith, from FB, by the way).

Anonymous said...

Hey Tina,

Sorry to hear about the injury. You might seriously think about trying the "triathlon" idea - I had never been in a lap pool, and hadn't been on a bike for about 15 years when I did my first sprint.

Even when I trained for a big race I seldom got over 20 or 25 miles of running a week - which is much easier on the body than the 35-50 miles that the longer running events put on you.

There are some great local events - One at Black Butte in April, and the City of Gold in May.

Good luck,