Monday, January 25, 2010


Sometimes I need to take the same advise I give to my kids. If something isn't working... change direction. In terms of running, I'm lacking that motivation I talked about yesterday. I don't want to give up running... I love it, how it makes me feel, how I get to enjoy my friends, how my body has changed and gotten stronger over the last two years. We all need to exercise, some of us take it a little more seriously, I enjoy that I fall somewhere in the middle... well in my mind anyway. The husband things I'm a little fanatical about it.

My main motivation for being a runner was that my bone density scan showed that at the age of 29 (at the time) I was already into osteopenia. I had a strong family history of women on my moms side with severe osteoporosis. This is something I desperately wanted to get a handle on. I chose running because it was something I enjoyed in High School but it kinda interfered with my other health issue, I was a survivor of Malignant Melanoma. I had avoided the sun for a decade and a half. After a visit with my dermatologist where he said, "You should wear sunscreen... and run", I jumped on the bandwagon. I started running 2-3 miles a couple times a week then in December 2007 I signed up for the half marathon program through Fleet Feet. It was hard and I loved it.

I love the programs, I've done 8 of them from 10K to Marathon with Alan, Susan, Angela, Paul and Dave as my coaches. The programs are getting so big though (a testament to how wonderful our local running coaches are!) and I feel a little lost in the group. I'm thinking its time to strike out on my own a bit. I bought Jack Daniels Running Formula... I just have to figure out how to formulate it to work for me. I'm going keep signing up for the programs and just modify the workouts a little and not feel the stress if I can't make it to a Tuesday night run. I've been running on the "dreadmill" a lot and that seems to work for speed work that I can't make at the park.

Mostly I just miss how I felt about running when I trained for the Marathon. So dedicated and motivated. I don't know where it all went. I hope it comes back soon though. In the mean time I'll do some strength training, keep running for fun, and look for a race that truly motivates and puts me back into that frame of mind I miss so much.

What do you do when you find yourself unmotivated to run or do whatever workout works for you?


Lisa T said...

I put my favorite tunes on the iPod and start. If I'm still not feeling it after 20 min. or so I throw in the towel. That rarely happens, because it's usually the starting that's the hard part!

Steven Cohen said...

Well spoken, Lisa. It is often getting started that's hard. But if you're not feeling it, break from it for a while. Borrow a video series from a friend, maybe. Can you get out on a bike? I don't know your climate that well. Cross-country ski?

ShirleyPerly said...

I think it's not unusual that one's interest in running may wane from time to time, esp. in winter. In the off-season, maybe can try something else that will keep you fit?