Thursday, February 25, 2010

Moving Forward

My PT, E, said today that there is improvement. Maybe not so much in my strength but in my hips lining up and my muscles firing when they should. I keep icing and stretching and change how I stretch once running comes back into the picture. The sitter flaked on me last night so no spin class but I was pretty sore still from Tuesday so it was probably a good thing for my body although my brain is all "Go Run, Go Run, Go Run" all the time. Little short breaks are nice for the brain, and the body, if you have something to fill it up besides FB and house cleaning. But man this has been going on way too long.

I'm hoping that by the 8th PT session I'll have some more answers. Right now its no running only walking, I'm glad that things are moving forward though. I miss my solitary runs, I miss my running friends, I miss the use of energy that helps me think straight and lift my mood. I almost just pulled out the Mizuno's and took em for a run today but I'll be a good girl.

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