Monday, February 22, 2010

Successful People Invest Heavily In Themselves

I saw a quote over at Christine's blog and I felt this is undoubtably how I want to live my life.

"Successful people invest heavily in themselves."

I'm actually looking forward to PT tomorrow. Part of that is because I feel like a total slug and part because I hope she tells me I can to to Katies spinning class with Liz and Vicki on Wednesday night. Wahoo. Then more PT on Thursday.

I've been working hard on not compensating on my left foot to make up for the weakness and soreness on my right. Soooo I totally realized how weak and sore my right side actually is. Doh! Stupid me for not realizing this months  before the whole foot thing happened. Well I'm going to PT to get that fixed right?

I'm working on some ideas for when I get back into running. I really would like to start out slow and easy again. I think I'll do some trail runs since it will let me practice being lighter on my feet and not be thinking about speed since I'll be thinking of not falling on my face. Hows that?

I'll also be doing Kettlebell class again as soon as I get the go ahead. (and the tax $) so that I can increase my core strength and help keep my bone mass up. I miss my KOR girls... and K.C. too I guess. He makes me cry though.

After reading about the moms over at I've been re-inspired to start from the ground up. I'll be looking forward to building a strong and solid base and getting back to the funamentals of running.

I can't wait for the book to come out! Just 4 days after my birthday. I asked Dimity and Sarah to change it but that dates pretty set in stone darn it. Look for it at Barnes and Noble and Amazon on March 23rd or preorder it so It will get to your door step ASAP. Thats what I did!

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ShirleyPerly said...

I totally agree with the investing part, which is one of the reasons I've now got a coach (didn't used to think I was worthy of one).

Hope the book gets there soon!