Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Who am I again

Ahhh.... I thought I would have more time now that the kiddos are back in school. I'm stopping by for a minute to take note of whats going on this week. I took Monday off just doing some ab work since I as sitting for some friends since their daddy was having surgery. Ouch... While he was there his wife saw some other friends who were there having a baby. So that was my day yesterday. The Wilhelm kiddos went home then we ate home made chili. Yum... of course the hubby was at work since OT comes by so rarely these days he went ahead and took it. That put him on three days straight. Nice for the paycheck not so good for Mommy's sanity. Wasn't I just complaining that he was home for 13 days straight and driving me crazy?

I really wanted to do kettle bells last night but that didn't happen so with some ab work at home I hope it will be enough. I wanted to go Wednesday but I babysit so I'm going to call and see if they are doing a noon class. I'm running with Jenni, Gehrig (in the jogger), Cindi on the leash and maybe our friend Kari too. Our own little Wednesday running club. Thursday is rest and abs and I'll have to do my LONG run of 11 miles on Friday since we'll be leaving for the lake that night for the weekend. I hope to get out and run for a little bit on Saturday and take Sunday as a rest day.

Food. I'm so bad. I need to be better. I'm not eating enough, I'm not taking in the calories. I thought that our $300 at Costco would hold out but it all lasted like a week. 24 yogurts devoured by two little boys. I think I've had three... I love the peach ones... so do my boys. They don't like the blueberry and that's all that's left. What the heck. I need to go back to oatmeal in the morning to get me on track and keep me from being STARVING at 10 or 11. I shouldn't be drinking soda at all, I didn't even LIKE the Coke I had last night... why did I drink it? I have no idea. I need to go back to no soda while I'm training (except for when I go to La Comida because the water AND the ice tea tastes like blech!). I need to be consuming more calories and eating more sweet potatoes and potatoes and brown rice and beans. I need to drink more tea and water.

I'm really enjoying this program so far. I like all the plyometric and core work we are doing to enhance our strength. I love doing to kettle bells and the running for time instead of speed or distance. knowing that I need to set aside 45 minutes instead of 4-5 miles just makes more sense.

I've had a few months of emotional turmoil, a lot has come out in whining here and I'm sorry about that. Part of that is that I REALLY need to get my thyroid checked. I guess I should stop typing and call my endocrinologist hu? I also have several moles I need to have removed especially since I had melanoma once and should be SUPER vigilant about that. I kind of bury my head in the sand but it seeps into my dreams and freaks me out so I haven't been sleeping much lately when I should just go take care of it hu? emotionally.... I don't know how I would deal with it so I procrastinate. Mostly I'm afraid the doc will tell me to stop running outside and I don't want to hear that. I already douse myself in sunscreen everyday. What else can I do? especially in the summer... These things have started to consume my thoughts and affect my mood. I'm working hard to remedy that.

Tonight is speed work. Dads coming down to watch the boys. I'm going to go a bit early and warm up. I'm planning a blog about ... my achievements (running and non-running) and my goals for this year. I know none of the other blogs are talking about "That" so by the time you get to mine you will be GOOD and SICK of hearing it. LOL

I really want to talk about Kristin Armstrongs blog but you are all bored so I'm going to sort through my thoughts and feeling and hopefully have a post before the weekend. Read it and let me know what you think.


Steven Cohen said...

Wow, you have a lot on your plate. Yogurt: for Yoplait blueberry is THE best! Sleep: I can relate to life creeping in and sapping that, so the sooner you deal with things the sooner you sleep again.

Good luck, and get some sleep!

SuperDave said...

You mommies stay busy don'y you!
Don't feel bad about the grocery shopping. I spent $420 last week on groceries and spent another 130 yesterday. Food,food,food..Trying to buy healthy stuff kills my budget!