Sunday, January 11, 2009

such a slacker

I am I am I am. Yes I am a slacker. The hubby was home for 13 days straight from work. CRAZY! and I feel the need to entertain him and clean the whole stinkin' time. No bloggy time for me. BUT I have been out for a few runs and Cindi is much better on the leash, well after about a mile anyway. Our computer died so that's another reason why I haven't been here. We just said OH WELL and replaced the hard drive and it works, but without my itunes library what am I to do? I will be very unhappy to lose it all so I won't even PLUG in my nano for fear that it will all disappear. Not sure yet how to remedy this situation even though I should have backed it up, I'm just glad my pictures are on the external hard drive I got for my b-day.

Yesterday was our first long run of the half marathon program. We did 10 miles and it seems VERY weird that it didn't seem long at all. LOL. A year ago I would have CRIED when they said 10 miles. I did wake up with a headache before hand and forgot to take Advil. By the time I got home and we visited with some friends from out of town I was exhausted and my head was in full blown migraine mode. I could just lay in bed and hope I didn't throw up. Not a good evening at all.

The hubby went to work today and I'm ready for a break from the kiddos all ready. tomorrow I'll run and do kettle bells again. Missed Friday because I was in the bay area visiting with Grandma then checking out a really cute Coach Purse at the Outlet with the BFF and didn't make it back to Chico in time. OOPS.


Steven Cohen said...

Losing your whole music library would suck! I have all these CDs, but it took years to put them onto the computer! Now I have to go out and get an external drive! Good luck, though. 8D

Southbay Girl said...

I would hate to lose my entire music library! that sucks!! I'm so sorry!!!

Yeah on the 10 miler!! Way to go!! Which half are you doing and when?

SuperDave said...

Definitely don't hook up the nano on itunes- it sucks away songs into a deep, dark place. At least until you can fix yo stuff.
Isn't it cool to know that 10 miles isn't much after running a marathon.

ShirleyPerly said...

Oh, how I wish my husband would take more time off from work. I wouldn't feel the need to clean but would certainly be happy to spend more time with him.

Happy New Year and great to hear you're back to running with a group again. Isn't it funny how distances seem skewed now that you've run a marathon?

Sarah Johnston said...

Good to see you the other day in the park! Buckeye is awesome. I'm loving it. :)