Saturday, January 3, 2009

and SLOW it GOES

I kept hearing (thanks Liz) that after a marathon you're in that speed zone (10 minute miles) and its hard to get out. Yea, I did my worst 10K time today and I was hurting. We were averaging 9:10 or so not bad but not really good either. My last 10K time was round 56:06 or so. We did the standard park loop and I run that route (generally in reverse though) about once a week so it is not really fun for me anymore. Actually its kinda of dreadful... knowing what we'll be doing. I didn't have an ipod today since Cindi ate my earphones and standard ipod buds don't fit in my ears. I was on my own with some companionship from Patty, Vicki and Liz.

OMG it was SO SO cold that my windshield had about a half inch of ice to defrost this morning and it took water, a scraper and 15 minutes of defrost to leave a little hole to see while driving so I wouldn't be late. I'm from California... AND from the valley, and we're just not used to this. It was easily 25*F or so and we didn't even leave til 8am or so. It never did seem to warm up and I'm hoping this isn't what its supposed to be like all Winter because its going be a long 10 weeks if it is.

This sinus issue was not fun either but at least Liz was not feeling good too. did that sound bad?We stuck together through it all and I skimmed in a whole two seconds in front of her. My hope is to up the mileage and condition my body for those longer hauls and to work in a little more speed work and hills (maybe Thursdays) to get my speed up too. I also need to work on core and building my bone density levels by ugh... using kettle bells, before May when I have my dexascan. Hopefully it will be better than my bone scan two years ago. My IT band didn't hurt so bad today but I will be sure to stretch and roll anyway. I did buy three new pairs of socks since my old ones are finally falling apart (4 years old and all). Jenni calls them cloud socks. I agree.

Oh yea and the hubby and the surgeon killed an ENORMOUS amount of ducks this week. Like so many that its kinda disgusting. Really. He was so excited and giddy to get the text last night inviting him to go on a hunting "date" that I teased the hubby about having a boyfriend. I decided to renam the surgeon, he's now the Bro-Friend.

Here is the tentative plan for the week:

Sunday-FMH3 (Flying Monkeys Hash House Harriers) run in upper park with Cindi (4-5 miles)
Monday-rest day from running but maybe Kettle bells with the girls at 5:30
Tuesday-Speed work that night with FF training
Wednesday-easy run with Jenni and Gehrig (and Cindi) maybe and head to the bay area to see Gma and Aunt and if I'm lucky some old friends.
Thursday-Easy run in my old stopping grounds of MTZ. (4-6miles w/ some hills)
Friday-another easy run down by the bay and maybe Kettle bells that night (4-6miles)
Saturday-long run with FF training.


Steven Cohen said...

Ha, your huz is having a bro-mance! Good for him. And I've spent my whole life in IL, WI and MA, so I'll be nice to you about the weather. But I'll tell you this: I'll never buy a house with enough garage space for BOTH of our cars! I only scrape after work. ; )

carla said...

tattoo pic someday?
I think I have a trampstamp too (Im not sure as it is a hebrew phrase on the low back---does that count? :))

RBR said...

10 min miles? Hmm, that would mean that post-marathon recovery would make me faster. LOL!

Love the plans!

BTW, I am trying a crossfit class tonight. I didn't mention it because I feel like an imposter/loser going to a class for hardcore people. I'll let you know how it goes!

Vicki said...

Hey if you ever need to get rid of some duck let me know, I wouldn't mind taking some off your hands! ;-)

Don't forget to check out "Bro Rape" on YouTube. Wait til the boys are in bed, then have a good laugh.

See you at kettle bells tonight!

lizzie lee said...

Funny... I am glad you didn't have to tell your teacher that Cindi ate your earphones....