Saturday, January 31, 2009

In your face!

I love a good meme so I posted the one from my Face Book on over at my regular (not so) everyday going on in my life blog. Check 'em out!

I ran 14 miles today. The first 7 were fine... maybe a little fast but they felt good. On the way back we were supposed to kick it up to race pace for a mile and a half then jog for half of a mile x3. That did not happen. Vic and Liz think I'm going to do 8:30's and I just played along because I thought it sounded good at the time. I have revised that. My Half Mary in October averaged out to be 9 minute miles so I figure if I go for 9 minute miles and if I feel good and want to kick it up a notch here or there and into high speed the last few I will do better than my previous time and that's really all I want. I want to be under 1h56m00s. That's the plan Stan.

Food... I was so bad yesterday... so stinkin' bad. I ate a banana and some coffee in the morning and I didn't eat again til dinner. I had Chinese food which was WONDERFUL but just not enough. Maybe that's why I sucked like a dust buster today. sheesh. I'm self sabotaging myself! I need to get the heck over it!

I really want to go see Liz's husband play in his band tonight but I'm just not sure how that's gonna pan out. hummm..... Have fun at all your SuperBowl parties tomorrow!


Steven Cohen said...

Oh yeah, super bowl. Aren't there two teams in it? Hmm, New England Steelers? No. Green Bay Cardinals? No. I might watch the commercials...

ShirleyPerly said...

What superbowl :-)