Sunday, January 18, 2009

Shout Out

to all you Rock 'n' Roll marathon and half marathoners out there. Congrats on an awesome run this weekend! All you all at Frost or Fog this weekend? GREAT JOBS to you too! Sarah who is not "running for speed" only finished in 2nd place in the 5K since she's havin' a bebe' and isn't really training. Yea she's that fast crazy one in Chico that EVERYONE feels like they have a better chance if she's out of commission. We love you Sarah. Vicki and Liz ran it this weekend too. Not sure what they came in at but I'm sure it was great since I have to kill myself to keep up with them. LOL.

So my friend Holly, our kids go to school together, ran Rock 'n' Roll this weekend. Her results just came up. I'm hoping that if she wants to run this again I can run with her. How great would that be!?! She came in at 4:33:58. I hope she made it to Smash Mouth for that awesome concert!

So Great job this weekend everyone. I did absolutely nothing running wise but had a great weekend with the hubby and the kids.


Sarah Johnston said...

Thanks for the compliment! Love you, too! Just wait until Leah (my daughter) begins running. Sure it will be a few years from now, but she has it in her blood!

Julianne said...

I was totally inspired by the AZ runners this weekend, too!! Congrats to your friend!