Thursday, September 25, 2008

Super Supper

Should of taken a pic but I'm not Kai and I forgot. (and it wouldn't look as pretty as hers anyway) but I made a YUMM-O dinner for the hubs and the kiddos and for the most part they liked it. Blondy, my picky eater, won't eat eggs unless they are hard boiled and potatoes unless they are french fried.
Last night I made Pumpkin Waffles and a fritatta with left over wild pig sausage (leaner then regular pork from the store) and potatoes O'Brien sprinkled with a little cheese. I mixed a little bit of milk into the eggs to help with the fluffiness. It turned out SO GOOD. The waffles turned out so good that NO ONE even knew that they had pumpkin in them, apparently they all tasted the cinnamon but they didn't even notice that the waffles were ORANGE! They were yummy last night and not sure how but even more YUMM-O this morning with a big glass of milk before my run. No butter and no syrup for me.
So my yummy dinner went off like a hit. I loved eating breakfast for dinner when I was a kid and need to remember to do it for my kids more often than once every 6 months or so.
I wish my running was better today. I ran on Tuesday night with group and we did a warm up for a couple miles over the the University Track then did 3 sets of 10 minute at threshold with three minutes of rest between. It was pretty grueling but looking back at the last few months my threshold and my race pace don't seem to be getting better. I'm not quite sure how that can be.

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MizFit said...

I wish I had running tip to proffer you---but I dont (you wouldnt want em).

can I echo the breakfast for dinner love?

we probably do that far too often here (once a week) but you'll have that :)