Sunday, September 21, 2008

I promise to get to the Walk Report: Pleas humor me

First things first. Lets get the little things out of the way so I can concentrate on the BIG important suff like my 5th walk report.
The Tuesday after the walk we have speed work. I head over to WW park to run the loop since the lights are on til the soccer practice and games are over, supposedly long after we are done with our workouts. Today on the ballot is 2 mile warm up (that I totally need) then 3 miles at threshold with one minute rest between each mile. As discussed before Liz and I thought that the 9:20/mile was a bit too slow so this week we went on how we felt (too hard to talk but still can run) instead of watching the pace so closely. Out we go and my only goal is to keep up with Liz and Vicki unless I just couldn't do it. I did pretty good. The first mile we hit at 8:20 or so Mile 2 was 8:13 and mile 3 was 8:30. Not too good at keeping a steady pace but we did what our bodies felt comfortable with and that was good. That was a minute or so faster than our perceived threshold time and that made me excited. Of course Alan said that means we aren't running our shorter races fast enough. LOL OK I get the picture... I'm just so afraid of dying at the end. We then were supposed to do about 2 mile cool down but the storm clouds moved in and the lightning and thunder started so we decided to cut our cool down one lap short and finished 1.87 miles for our cool down instead. It was a good day. I got two more good runs in this week and then a long run scheduled for Sunday.... 14 miles the longest I had ever done!
Today we ran a different route and I had NO IDEA where I was going to I followed some of the other gals (guys were being speedy ahead of us) and headed out. I did pretty good. I tried to keep my heart rate in a good range and let that dictate my run. I'm not sure if it was the right range or not but I felt decent there so I held steady. Some mile were obviously better than others and its so funny how staying in one heart rate your pace can differ depending on how many hills you have to climb or if there is a decent or if there is cars you have to dodge all the time. Of course getting lost (not really but I didn't know how to get BACK to down town) didn't help. So I added a nice .68 miles onto my route today. I ate one shot block at mile 5, a GU at mile 7 another two at mile 9 (about the area I got lost) then shared two with the girls at mile 11 and I sucked on one til mile 12. I think that helped me get in. I felt a lot of tightness on the way back in my hips and knees (reminds me I need to take some ibuprofen and get some Ice for me knees) but even that dissipated after eating the shot blocks. I can't believe that next weekend is a scheduled 16 miles! That's only 4 less then the longest run we'll have this training program. That is 6 weeks away. We'll have an 18 miler and a bunch of runs with Race Pace slid in the middle. We got back in one piece (I think I have blisters but I was afraid to look) and hungry so I'm off to eat AGAIN. Later I'll work some more on my Walk Report (because the walk (er jog day 2) rocked!


Running Knitter said...

Great job on your run!

Kai said...

Congrats on a new distance PR and your threshold run! I don't remember if you've mentioned this in your past posts, but are you training for a marathon? You'd definitely be ready for one after all these long runs!