Tuesday, September 9, 2008

No lance here... sorry

Just an update to my running. I ran with group tonight. just over 5 miles. 15 min warm up and cool down. We did 4 long 100m + strides then ran 20 minutes at "T" pace (threashold). It was supposed to be 9:20 but should have been closer to 9 because Liz and I talked ... the whole time. So now we know. This Thursday is a 10 mile long run that is 2M Easy, 6 mile Mpace, 2 mile cool down. Laura wants to run with me. We'll see how that goes hu?

Ok so food.... I ate like a freakin' horse on Saturday after my 12 mile run. I ate, ate then ate some more. I age more food in one day then I have since I was knocked up with Wyatt. No not even with Jackson did I eat like that. I ate until I could not eat any more and still went to bed hungry and woke up Sunday hungry.

Tonight I should have been more hungry but I ate a big ole' peach and had a Smirnoff Wild Grape drink and now I'm not hungry ... just a little buzzed. I really wanted some good wine or a good margarita but couldn't do it all by myself so I settled. I know, what kind of woman am I? Who Settles for a wine cooler when you can have a beautiful whole bottle?Well I do have to function tomorow and I'm still up. So another day with a friend I'll share a bottle and enjoy a good bottle of red wine with good company.

more interesting news: Not only am I spending WAY too much $$ at the local Fleet Feet but I'm also enjoying the things I buy! so since I have yet another $25 credit (for ever $250 you spend you get a $25 credit to the store) since I just got 2 and traded those in for shoes like a month ago. I figure I've spent like $1025 since January. Crazy hu? that is actually MORE than hubby's new toy but he spends more money on other things too like a hunting liscense, ammo, elk and deer tags, upland game stamp, duck stamp, and whatever else. So my guilt is dwindling as we speek. Now I just need a bike to cross train on.

Ok this Smirnoff is kicking my barely awake ass so I'm off to BED to Sleep and dream of Lance... um my hubby. Hopefully its a REALLY GOOD DREAM! (right Kelli?) A work out in your sleep hu?

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SuperDave said...

LOL Tina, I just forked over 100 bucks myself at Fleet Fleet..