Thursday, September 11, 2008

s-s-stumbling through life

OMG. I had an awful run. I know I should have left earlier but I was dealing with stuff I need to deal with if I want to go back to school and time just got away from me. I ran out the door at like 10:45, not hydrated, not fueled with a 16oz water bottle and a pack of Shot Blocks. Not a good idea. The plan was 10 I barely scraped out 7. I forgot body glide on my feet. I forgot sunscreen on my shoulders, I forgot to tell my feet that they are supposed to run 6 miles at Marathon Pace not 4. Apperently my brain shut down for a bit before my run and I'm darn lucky I got that much in. Tomorrow I drive... all day to LA. I wonder if I can sneak a run in there somewhere?

Where were you 7 years ago today? I was sitting on my bed glued to the TV, holding my 13 month old baby, sick as a dog pregnant with my second and wondering if the whole world was ending, as the day wore on there were tears and awe and fear and courage and frailty all rolled into one. That is our generations difining moment.


MizFit said...

I was thinking today as well how long ago 9.11 seems and how yesterday it seems.

it is my defining moment as an adult I think.

thanks for dropping by.

Im changing my site around next week, changing my tagline, and THIS made me realize you'll fit right in :)

I'm not someone who fits in but sometimes wish I was.

xo xo,


Kai said...

I was watching TV in the morning, and saw the second plane hit live, since all the cameras were broadcasting the damage on the first tower. I wasn't even scared, I was just...I couldn't even process it. It was so far removed from my reality that I was just like, ".....what?"
Hope your next run goes better!