Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lovin on the Lance

First and foremost I found this pic on another blog and shamelessly stole it! Here's why: Many of you know of my Crush on Lance Armstrong. Part of it, of course, is that he is REALLY HOT. Most of it is that he is an elite athlete in spite of his extreme case of cancer and how he came through that with a goal and a mission and he succeeded in that mission 7 times. News is out that he will go back to do the Tour de' France in 2009. I have not watched the Tour since the last time he raced but you better bet (I'll be wearing) my lace panties I'll be watching Lance in it next year. Truthfully I will be rooting for him but next year win or not, I'm proud of him for bringing so much awareness to society for those with cancer now and tomorrow and for our future ... and he's feakin' hot.
I have every right as a cancer survivor to crush on a man I have NO chance with... right? I mean yea, I have hardly any chance like one in a million... but its a chance right? Just kidding, kinda. Anyhow as a cancer survivor of 15 years I so appreciate his stance, his bigger than life voice that demands that those in the government stand and listen to what it means to be an advocate for finding a cure for cancer. Should I say that's why I love him? Sheese one Smirnoff Wild Grape and I'm all mushy and lovey and there's no hubby here to take advantage of. LOL

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