Monday, May 26, 2008

You want me to do what?

Running has been a bit beyond me these last few weeks. I've been fighting some fatigue do to insomnia and hubby's schedule hasn't been conducive with what I feel I need or want to do. I have been getting in some decent walks though.

I got an email from Susie at our local Fleet Feet this week. Those of us who are running on Wednesday nights were invited to participate in a 5K fun run that was set up for those finishing up the No Boundaries 5K training. I'm a go! My big hope is that my Garmin Forerunner 405 is in before I can play with it before the Nike women's fitness festival 5K the next weekend.

Today I got an IM from my running buddy for a Girls Night Run in upper park... meeting for 6 at 6. Sounds good to me. I don't know how slow I've gotten. I was able to do 6miles in about 56 minutes a few months ago but I haven't run that far in a very long time. I guess we'll see.

There is less than 50 days til my SF Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. Did I tell you my fundraising is in high gear? I have over $2000 from the bunco game that I'm sorting and filling out the necessary paperwork to send in and qualify for and my MIL is throwing a yard sale fund raiser for me that will hopefully net $500 plus towards my LA walk. I still need to sign up for LA but with nearly $1000 towards that goal I should be doing pretty well. I do have some other businesses to beg for money from to qualify my $1800 minimum. I have to say that this year has definitely been the most rewarding so far in my quest to help others who cannot provide themselves with needed health care while they are undergoing Breast Cancer treatment. I am so thankful for the supportive family I have....

but I am not looking forward to those SF hills again. LOL

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ShirleyPerly said...

Hey Tina, I'm impressed by all your fundraising. Hope your 6-miler went well yesterday.