Saturday, May 31, 2008

First (non-official) 5K race today

Sometimes I run with the Chico Running club on Wednesday nights (sometimes actually meaning ... once. lol) and so I was put on the Wednesday night list of those to email about the 5K they put on for the No Boundaries 5K training class they held. I, being invited to a FREE 5K, of course said. "HELL YA! See you there suckers!" I'm bad I know. Most of these people didn't start running at all until 8 weeks ago and there I am all "i ran a half marathon 3 months ago" on them. Actually I said that in my head because I didn't want to say it and then do AWFUL and them wonder what the hell was wrong with me. Ya know.

My "in my head" goal was -30 minutes.... or 29minutes 59.9seconds. That was going faster than 10 minutes a mile with that extra little 0.1 mile in the 5K. I thought I started out too fast. 4 guys passed me right off the get go. A older lady (WAY OLDER THAN ME) and her teenage daughter passed me. A guy with his dog passed me then a gal with tunes in her ears passed me. I think that was it though. I think I came in 9th or 10th. (side note: when I told Sista about this she said, "out of 10 or 11?" Bitch. ) There were 30+ maybe even 50 people there. Hard to tell the watchers from the runners. There were 4 gals (the walking Divas) out there walking the distance. Anyway I started out a little too strong but stayed firm in my efforts. I was wondering at the bridge (a little more than half way) where the end was. This does not bode well for the half and full marathons I will be running (with apparently no tunes in my ears) in just a few months. I stayed at the pace til I hit the overpass on the way back as I ran under it I picked up the pace a bit. That 1/3 of a mile were killer on my lungs. When I crossed the Dam(n) Bridge at the creek I pushed it into high gear and finished strong. I was surprised by my numbers. I'm not sure what they showed but my watch showed 28:49. So a minute 10 less than I had hoped. I could have pushed harder but the first Official 5k is next weekend and I didn't want to hurt myself. lol


P.O.M. said...

I always feel like everyone is passing me at races. Sometimes I get so frustrated, but then I think that there are a lot more people who are just sitting on their couch doing nothin' so at least I'm in front of them. ha ha.

ShirleyPerly said...

Congrats on meeting your time goal! And a free 5K, that's virtually unheard of where I am. I envy you!!