Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My first Running club run

I haven't run with the Fleet Feet group since my half marathon March 1st. I was sad that many of them moved onto another half or the full marathon class and I stayed behind due to scheduling conflicts with the hubby and chillins. I missed running with them A LOT. I didn't realize so much how I missed these motivational runs. Its so hard to put speed work into your routine when you are running by yourself. Tonight although I ran with the group my heart rate stayed higher and I ran farther than I had been. Nice slow warm up, some stretching that out I went. I got to talk to some new people, Linda who has been running for a long time. She did the Napa to Sonoma run last year and I am so jealous. Liz who works with my mom and is totally a better athlete than me. I'm OK with that. Its only been a week and a half since her first marathon and she rocked the house even with a sore knee. I hope she runs the CIM with us in December. Heather who is new to running. She is so sweet and she runs more my speed.... I don't want to say slow because its just that everyone else is FAST so I'll say that we run normal human speed. Hows that? There were several others also. I think Alan, owner of our local Fleet Feet is tired of my begging for my green Garmin Forerunner 4o5 wrist watch. He said I have been the only one to ask like 4 times. LOL. I am really excited and don't want to have to wait a moment longer than I have to. I have never used a heart monitor so that will be interesting.

The weather was so hot. We left the store for our run and it was a nice cool 92 degrees in the shade. We took it easy to the park where we stretched and got the group together. Alan led us around the path out about half of an hour. We made it to the bridge with my heart pounding and having to concentrate really hard on speaking. On the way back we hit a wall of Humidity. YUCK! We made it back all wet and sticky but that was the longest run I've done in a while. I really pushed my boundaries since I haven't been running consistently fast or for that distance for a long time. I hope to run with them again next week.


Mizoomo said...

Wow, that sounds like so much fun to have an awesome group like that. Too bad some of them are gone. I can't wait until my local Fleet Feet training group starts up. I hope to meet nice people like you did!

ShirleyPerly said...

Great that you're able to run with a group! Especially when it's hot out, it's good to run with others, I think.

I used to run with a group and definitely got faster doing so. But now with gas prices so high, I can't justify driving a half hour or so to just go for a run.