Monday, May 19, 2008

exercise girl

That's an order. Hubby bought me one of those ride along additions to my bike to essentially make my bike a tandem to add Blondy (my 6 year old son) on the back for trips to school and back. Since he's in Kindergarten at the moment. I'm able to take Hollywood (oh so the drama king my 7 almost 8 year old son is) too and from school =3.7miles and then do it again 3 hours later for the little guy.Today I din't just ride home though. I rode to the park to meet Good Neighbor/Good friend for a 5.5mile walk. Got on my bike and rode back to school and then rode home. My lower body is going to rock. Gotta get motivated to work on the upper body soon. I don't want to look disportionate. :D

I've been so bad about eating. I drank a ton of water this morning (about 56 oz so far today) and a small Gatorade but just now sat down to eat something. I chose.... berry pie left over from Blondy's birtday party yesterday, 8 huge pieces of watermelon, two big slices of Pineapple and a serving of orange sherbert/vanilla ice cream. Tonight is another baseball game. Not sure what I'm going to do for the kids for dinner yet. I should probably get on that.

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Mizoomo said...

Wow, you had a good lower body workout! Good idea on the tandem -- that way you can get some good exercise in AND spend time with the kids! :-)

BTW, I read your comment on my blog. I can't believe you did a half mary BEFORE a 10K or 5K. Talk about diving right in! That's awesome though! After a half mary, a 10 and 5K will seem like a breeze!