Friday, May 23, 2008

matters of the stomach

I go back and forth on eating really healthy. Most of the time it depends more on if I want to go to the grocery store for the third time this week since we ran out of milk and cereal again. But most of the time I would rather just eat us out of house and home before spending money on gas (at $4 a gallon... ouch!). I'm trying really hard to limit my milk consumption. I find that my tummy tolerates more when I don't drink milk. I do have a tendency to drink it in my tea though. I have, do to GI issues and consequently a borderline wheat intolerance, forgone all bread, pasta and most cereals. Mostly whole wheat is what drives my body to hives and tummy issues but I just find that I feel better, and happy, overall with what my body is telling me I am a more successful person with these things out of my life.
I do get tired of eating the same things over and over again. I have the most problems with breakfast. What do you guys eat that does not involve cereal or bread? I miss this meal more than any other mostly because of prep time. I mean... most of the time it does not exist. i just cannot bring myself to eat oatmeal (my winter favorite) in the summer. I literally gag.
I just need some ideas to get me started again. I like so little food that if it takes too long to prep or cook than I have, then I just don't eat. Bad I know. If I truly want to do a marathon in December than I had better get my nutrition in check.
What do you guys eat or drink before during and after races? I'm not so worried about 5K or 10K but definitely worried about half or full marathon training and racing. I really would appreciate your input! Thank you.

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