Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Still no stinkin' Garmin and the rest of my day

I have been waiting (rather impatiently) for my Garmin Forerunner 405 for WEEKS! I am not kidding. I was hoping to have it by Mother's Day... its still not in. Well they haven't called me anyway and Alan promised I would be the first since I have been the only one calling like 6 times to see if and when its going to be in. I'm getting frustrated. I wanted to take it for a run before my 5K next weekend. I was hoping to play with it at the Fun Run 5K this weekend. I just want to play with it. URGGGHHHHHH!

On a high note I was supposed to run with Laura yesterday but she got off work late so she invited me to run with the Girls only 6miles at 6pm group that is forming. I met a new gal-Danielle and I already knew Tracey and Max so that made 4 of us for the run. We went running in places I have always been too scared to run, right along the creek on Yahi trail then on the other side of the creek where I had never been before. It was amazing and beautiful and although I don't have a heart monitor because, you guessed it... I don't have my GARMIN 405, I couldn't tell what zone I was in. I was a little beyond talking ability and I was hanging out at the back not doing my part in leading the group. I almost felt guilty but I did not feel strong enough with where I was or how fast I could go to actually hang out in front. I played the part of the guest last night but had a great time. I kind of regret signing up for the 10K program since they run on Tuesday nights. That and my husband doesn't have one of those predictable 8-5 jobs these girls husbands do (or in Laura's case no man at all in her life).

I proceeded to get up a million (or so) times for the bratty black lab doggie who had to go potty every half hour last night then got up at 5:30... or 6am to run two miles with Laura this morning. At noon I met Good Neighbor in the park for a nice 5.8 mile loop walk. Started out pretty s-l-o-w but we caught our grove and moved more quickly as the walk moved on. I love my Mizuno Wave 4's but bought a pair of Brooks that I need to desperately try out. I'm just nervous because I haven't bought anything different in a long time. We will see.

I rode my bike (pulling Blondy with me on the tandem he doesn't help me with) to school to drop off Hollywood this morning then again to the Hass house to pick up Hollywood from a play date then to PV pool for swim then home. I figure I did about 7 miles today. Why can't manage to calculate the added calories I burn for pulling an extra 80lbs around on my bike. That would be nice wouldn't it?

Hubby stuck his finger with a fishing hook. And it stuck. And now he's at our friend, the surgeon's office getting it taken out. Nice hu? So I'm going to take fishing away from him now. Just kidding. He is actually not so much into fishing as he is into hunting so this winter is going to be interesting when I want to train. At least the Marathon is the beginning of Duck and Goose season and a month and a half after Elk and Deer seasons. Lucky me.

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ShirleyPerly said...

Bummer no Garmin 405 yet, but the run sounds like one of those where it might have been nice not to have any gadgets, you know, being with nature and all. Glad your marathon won't interfere much with your husband's hunting. Wouldn't want you to have to make him choose, LOL.