Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I know, I know

I'm not running nearly as much as I should. Actually this week has been on hold for running due to way too much OVER SCHEDULING on all of our parts. Hollywood has a big field trip up to Shasta Caverns tomorrow and although I shouldn't go because I have way too much do to I'm going anyway. We leave at 7am. Blondy is going to Gma and Gpas for the night and they will cover the whole get him to school on time thing. Hubby is in his big module 5 testing phase and has been spending his extra time down in Vville studying for his test. So all my "extra" time has been running around getting sponsors and donations for gifts for the big bunco party this weekend.
My wonderful Aunt Sandy, her friends and my mom are throwing me this wonderful Bunco party for like ... 48 ladies this weekend! Last year we had about 28 I think and we made an amazing amount of money, like $1400, for my Avon Walk for Breast Cancer I do in support of my MIL a survivor and anyone else who is fighting, surviving on living in loved ones memories from BC. We have to raise a requirement of $1800 to walk 26.2 miles on Saturday and 13.1miles on Sunday. Anyway I have gifts and food and decorations and tables and chairs and ...... way too much to do between now and then. I know I would feel better if I could just get out for a half hour run. A half hour run turns into 45 minutes then the shower and extra load of laundry because I cannot let my sports bras and work out clothing to sit. then I have to do my hair again because the only time to run is middle of the day while Blondy is at school (afternoon kindergarten) and gosh... it just ain't gonna happen. Saturday I'm hoping to get up early and go for a 6 mile run. We will see. I'm packing my running gear just in case.
I'll give you an update when I get home. I probably wont get the chance to update between now and then. I'm going to make a half-assed attempt to run with the Chico Running club tonight.


ShirleyPerly said...

Man, are you busy! Please feel free to count the mileage from one of those long walks you did over the weekend for VRR if you want. I'm counting both miles run and walked. And no doubt, walking 26.2 followed by 13.1 the next day is no small feat!!

CewTwo said...

You are busy!

Yes, do count the walks. Wlaks performed for such a good cause is always good.

My own Mother died of Lymphoma cancer. Her initial treatment went well, but eventually came back. She lost both breast to mastectomies. The science is better noe than in 1987, so not so many people develop skin cancer do to the treatment.

As I said! Worthy cause. Thank you!