Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bye Bye 2010 6+ miles

Cindi running down the levee w/ frozen puddles
I paid the sitter $20 to come out on this freezing cold morning and sit on the couch to keep peace this morning so I could go for a run. I checked the temps at 8:45am and wasn't all surprised at the 29F reading. Brrrr.... I took Cindi with me and off we went for a 6-7 mile run. I checked my Garmin at the half mile mark and apparently accidentally turned it off before it even got started. Oh well. The first few miles were a lot of fast, slow, stop with the pooch and I was getting frustrated until we got to the levee and I could let her loose. She didn't get fresh water since all the fountains along our route were turned off in case of frozen pipes and all the puddles were very frozen over. Probably a good idea considering how cold it was still after 9am. I leashed her back up at the two mile mark and we headed up towards upper park. She stopped to visit with the cows and to visit some other puppies along the trail and we finally made it up to the end of the parking lot at the cross so I could undo some of my many layers and get her some water.

 I'm loving the leash that has the clip so I can just hook her onto my hydration belt and run hands free. It also means I can hook her to a pole and she can't get away while I'm taking off my jacket and adjusting my ipod. It makes the first few miles a little harder because she wants to pull so much but once she gets her wiggles out she's a good sport and runs right next to me. I can't wait to take her on more runs this winter.

The trip back was pretty uneventful. She was such a good puppy and stayed right with me along the road moving off when I gently pulled her leash when a car was coming. She ran off leash again on the levee and had a little mini puppy play date with some other off leash fur-ends then we headed home. I loved the cold run  although I did miss my gloves and that wind was icy cold.

Pretty darn finish to 2010

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