Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Mother Hill, ART new adventures for Mighty Mite

Last night was another hill workout thanks to coach Ramon. I've been consistently running this hill 3 days a week for the last few weeks and I'm loving the results I'm getting from it. My easy pace is creeping down and my hard workouts are pushing limits I haven't seen since the fall 09 marathon training cycle. I'm reading Run Faster from the 5K to the Marathon: How to be Your Best Coach by Brad Hudson and Matt Fitzgerald. I'm only 1/4 of the way through and already learning a lot about how my body works and what works for me and training. Hills are my friend and I'm loving the change in workout BUT I'm a little excited to get back on the interval bandwagon to see those results although I know we're still in base training. My progression run on Saturday was pretty amazing. I was easily talking at sub 10 pace down to 9:30's and hustled in that last mile for a strong finish at sub 9m/m pace.

Running back down the "Mother Hill" on Sunday morning

Tuesday night was the same hill as Sunday morning and  last week but on the way back we had a little side road to add another mile in of some less intense hills. Liz and I started at the back and moved up through the group when we got to THE hill and I just kept powering up it. Each time I do it seems a little more of a victory. Those hills on the Big Sur 21miler aren't going to get me because I'm going to be prepared.

Big News... I'm taking the RRCA coach training certification seminar in LV in March for my birthday. My bestie and maybe some other friends will be coming along for the ride too. I have some plans in mind I'm not ready to talk to you about but I'll let you know as soon as I'm ready to unveil them! I'm also going to be helping coach Girls on the Run for a local school with my friend Donna this Spring. I'm very interested in helping girls find an exercise that they love so they can make it a life long habit to stay healthy. I love the overall concepts we're teaching them to and a positive perception of themselves as well as to combat negative self talk and social pressures. This is an amazing program and I can't wait to be a part of it!

on the water table at Dr. John's
Today I went and saw my chiropractor Dr. John because I pulled something in my shoulder and upper back when I helped my grandma when she fell a couple weeks ago. I've been guarding it but the tingly feeling in my fingers, the weakness and loss of range of motion. It sounded like a Rice Krispy commercial in there today as well as a lot of Active Release Technique going on while he worked on putting me back together. He also hit those regular trouble spots along my hip and IT band. You know its a good visit to John when its a snap-crackle-pop session, you curl your toes in pain or you cry. We sometimes call it "Fragoso's Torture Chamber" or "Dr. John's House of Pain" for good reason. But ART works and we all love going to see him. He is not lacking in the patient department for sure. I got 10 minutes on the Hydrotherapy bed while I was there. Hot water shooting into your muscles while you stay nice and dry and play solitaire or Facebook on your phone is pure bliss. Mostly I like that better than my painful visit to John but today I'm pretty sure he won.


trifitmom said...

love that you are going for the coaching rrca, i want to do it but keep waiting for them to come northeast.

Anonymous said...

love hill workouts..amazing how beneficial those sessions are across the entire running spectrum, yes? Keep it up!!