Sunday, January 16, 2011

Whirlwind of a week

I'm pretty proud of myself for not only hitting my miles but getting and lots of those miles in the form of hills. I'm loving getting stronger and pushing those limits, of feeling the burn in my legs, in my core, in my ass... All these miles have also given me a lot of time to think. Our family dynamic is changing and things are coming to light that have been brewing for a long time. Things that I have very little control over but I wish I could change none the less. The one thing I can do is be the best me, mom, wife, friend that I can be. Being that means including running and working out. Being a healthy happy human being is now part of my make up, it is included in the definition of me. Mighty Mite is tired of bending herself to make others happy. So she's going to love on her boys, go to dinner with the girls, watch movies and cuddle with the firefighter provider (FFP) and take my dogs for walks with their furry friends. Are you tired of referring to myself in the third person yet? yea me too.

When I was in my Freshman Year of High School I ran track with an amazing coach. I also did something to my knee in the middle of a 1 mile race and end up twisting it pretty good. The sports trainer iced me up and did an evaluation. We talked for a good half hour about my training, about the melanoma and then about food. That sparked my interest in nutrition for athletes. I took several sports and nutrition classes over the years and one thing or another always got in the way of me going after what I really wanted to do. No more of that. I'm making a plan and putting it into action.

First things first.

I took Monday off and did some stretching and core work.

 Scheduled evening group run and we met at the prompt care parking lot and ran the "mother hill" and took the corner running the ridge across the top before dropping back down. its mostly rolling hills but its a lot more up going out and more down on the way back. it was wet and cold but always fun to run with those peeps. Our program has great coaches. 5.2miles

I met Liz and Vicki at the park for a late afternoon run along the trail with the wein. It was a great time catching up with my first two running pals. It was definitely an easy run after running hills on Tuesday night. 3 miles

Got up early and met Liz, Kim, Tracy and Susan at Left Coast and headed out on a POURING down rain run. it was hard but fun. I was soaked to the core and came home and cuddled on the couch with 2 big fluffy blankets and proceeded to waste the rest of the day. 5.2miles

Rest Day. Hubby went hunting so we could have more duck in the freezer! We had friends over and made a nice dinner of duck Parmesan, salad and wild rice. It was pretty darn good.

Up an at 'em. I headed out to Fleet Feet for a nutrition presentation by Susan before our 9 mile run out West of town. It was a progression run and we had a few warm up miles before heading into our speedier miles. Each mile was supposed to get faster but I had one mile that I had to slow down and do a little overall status check so I pretty much maintained but I did stay strong and got down to sub 9 minute mile that last mile. I felt great! We ran errands then headed to Paradise to drop the kids with my parents. We headed off to Hamilton City for the annual crab feed to support the Volunteer Fire Dept where FFP used to be a Battalion Chief. Lots of old memories came flooding back and we had a great time visiting with the Penman's and making some new friends too. 9miles

Another "Mother Hill" run with Cheri, Kim, Liz and Chane this morning. That hill is killer! But its fun and it works me out. I can't wait to start adding in some hill repeats. My parents brought the boys home and we hung out all day while friends came and went. 5.2

total 27.6 miles

I'm looking forward to taking the boys skiing this week. I guess that means I should run tomorrow.


K said...

You are on FIRE!! great job with the consistent workouts. You still thinking about doing cool trailruns?

Mighty Mite said...

I really want to but I think its the weekend I'm helping with our local Habitat run. If I can't make it to that I'm thinking we can set up a little run date over there another time. I'll email you!