Friday, April 4, 2008

Morning run

After bouncing back and forth deciding when we could run, my friend Laura and I finally decided on this morning at 6am. I didn't realize it would still be dark. I got up ate a banana chugged a few oz of water and met her in those predawn hours for a 2 mile run before she had to go to work. It had been so long since we had actually spent time together, I had forgotten what a sweet and funny girl she is. We talked about our goals for running and although I'm a bit ahead on training than her because of the half I did in March I think we can still train together and be in great shape for CIM in December. Maybe she'll want to do Cowtown with me in October. She's doing the HOT half in upper park but I am definitely a road and easy trail runner rather than a hilly fall on your face, Upper park runner although I know I need to work in hills for training soon.

Anyway, we had to slow down a bit since we didn't have headlamps to watch where we were going but in general we had a nice relaxing two miles, built up a sweat and I can't wait to do it again. The only thing I was worried about were strange people out at the park and that two of us just didn't seem like enough, anyone who might be interested in running with us let me know. Chico is a great town for running! With summer coming (those +100 degree days) early morning runs will become a necessity.

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