Monday, March 31, 2008

My first Race, my first PR

We went to see Run Fat Boy Run last weekend and I was flooded with that feeling that they new exactly how I felt. First when the main character Dennis, played by the witty Simon Pegg, decides that running a marathon for charity might be his chance to win his ex-fiance back, all of his friends ask WHY? "Why would you want to run a marathon?" or "You know that's 26 miles, right?" His journey turns into fulfilling a promise and changing your life by not running away but towards a goal.

So familiar. Those questions. Over and over in my head, by some friends, by people who could care less if I did it or not. Why? Well I can't tell you why anyone else runs just me so here it goes.

I run for too many reasons to count so here are just a few. (1) it feels good to run. It feels good when you stop and it feels good in general to know I went out to run today and be a healthier fitter body (my secret desire to be HOT MOM). (2) I need a goal and need to finish that goal. (3) I wanted to set a good example to my kids about taking time for yourself to exercise and eat right. (4) my crazy best friend asked me if I wanted to run a marathon and I said yes. She apparently wanted to be talked out of it. TOO LATE NOW. (5) I needed to break up the time by setting small obtainable goals by enlisting in local shorter and progressively harder races before the CIM in December. I choose the Bidwell Classic as my jump off for a race. 13.1 miles here in my home town.

The class through Chico's Fleet Feet was wonderful. I can't tell you how much I miss all the friends I made. they moved on to the marathon training and another half and I just have too many commitments with the kids this spring to commit. I learned so much though. I learned about where I can push myself and where I need to rest. I learned a better way to eat and stay hydrated but most of all I got miles in. I did a half of a marathon. I finished and crossed that line 8 minutes and 21 seconds faster than my goal. I used the chip timing and that was really cool strapping it to your shoes and seeing the real 13.1 mile time.

I started out really fast... too fast for me and 13 miles. I had the first 6 miles in the bag at 9:28minute miles but then the congestion and sinus drainage kicked in and my head felt like it was flooding and overflowing. Between mile 10 and 11 I walked off and on since I was coughing like crazy and just couldn't catch my breath. I jogged the last 2.2 miles at a slow dragging pace. I really feel like the coughing sapped my energy. But I finished. and I know I can do better next time.


Bidwell Classic (Chico, Ca)
Half Marathon (flat and fast 2 lap course)
Chip Time: 2:11:39

Nike Women's Fitness Festival 5k
Sacramento, Ca
Goal: 30minutes

Cowtown Half Marathon
13.1 miles
Sacramento, Ca

Paul Reese Memorial Clarksburg Country Run
Clarksburg, Ca
20 miles

California International Marathon
Folsom to Sacramento
26.2 miles
Goal 4:30:00


Anonymous said...

See a normal person would have told me I was crazy and Talked me out of it!! But nnnoooo you had to take the idea and RUN with it.

Kaikai said...

You already look like a hot mom, Tina! You look so strong in your race photos, and I love your outfit (what can I say? I'm a running fashionista!).

ShirleyPerly said...

Great job, Tina!! I like your list of reasons why you run. Best of luck to you on your CIM training and I look forward to hearing more about your running on our RunningMates blog!