Saturday, April 5, 2008


In the dark at 6am with Laura again today. I talked to whole way but it went by fast. We did about 3 miles, I'll have to check on the site to see for sure, we may have gone over a tad bit. Since we went farther I didn't make her go faster. LOL. We got nifty headlamps to wear running in those pre-dawn hours but the cars lights on the road next to the path are murderous. We can't see a thing in front of us which doesn't matter since we've been blinded. That only lasts for the first few minutes though then the path goes off into the wooded area more. I love running in the morning although I was DRAGGING and cranky last night from not eating enough and being tired. I do feel GREAT after two good morning runs and the run we'll be taking Wed. during the day. That day is also Wyatt's first Little League Farm Baseball game. I love to watch him play, he has improved so much!

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