Thursday, April 10, 2008

a party for two

Lysa had to back out of our running party yesterday so it was just Laura and I hitting the trails for our "regular" run. Actually they are becoming pretty regular and I'm lovin' it. We did the now standard 3 miles with a bit of a push on my part on the way back. We talked about her club membership to the 30 club which she joined on Tuesday. We did better time than we had before and the time seems to be going by more quickly for us both. We just fell into this easy pace and keep up the conversation and talk about things we haven't had the chance to talk about in forever. High School seems like a million years ago, well it was about 12 years ago for us anyway. I'm glad I have someone to run with here and I'm happier that my BFF found a running partner in Vacaville to run with too.

Blondy's joke today is "What does a train sound like when its eating? Choo, chooing!"

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