Sunday, April 13, 2008

Where is Margaritaville again?

Last night after a fabulous 7 year old's birthday party FFP, the boys and I stuck around the doc and his wife's house with some new friends to visit and of course Doc makes the best 'Rita's ever made, big honking lovely margaritas that you don't realize how potent they are til you stand and try to do something. I had not one but two of these Dr. D's delicious 'Ritas last night and paying the price today. i talked to the doc about my Uncles stomach cancer and if he thought it should be removed and he gave me that doctors perspective I was hoping to from a friend with his expertise. We are so blessed to have them in our lives. Anyhow I was up late mulling over in my head if I should give Aunt and Uncle this information and decided that although they are content with the treatment they are receiving at their local hospital, having additional resources, if they needed them, was better than not having them at all. I spend the better part of a long night running a marathon in my head, woke up this morning like I had run one last night.

As for actual running today. Made it to one mile a bit late and with a slow start this morning with Laura, I think she dragged me along this morning, I couldn't even keep in my lane, side of the trail. Just two miles today. I hope to run 4 tomorrow and how ever far she wants to run Tuesday morning. I hope Saturday can be a long run, I'd like to do six miles.

Food: seriously thinking of taking the Paleo diet approach to eating maybe to both improve my overall health and as an athlete. No grains, no dairy. Hmmm I know others who have used it but I am so reluctant to give up my cheese, Chai and oatmeal that I'm continuing to be in denial and reluctant to actually read the book through. I have taken passages out of context and liked what I have read so far. Today I have had a Venti Honey Latte with extra Honey. LOTTA MILK and 430 calories. I blame the FFP!

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Anonymous said...

Mmm, Starbucks lattes are my afternoon pick-me-up. I get skim milk so that takes the calorie count down a little, and I'm in love with the toffee nut syrup. =D

Hope you can get your 6 miler in!