Wednesday, October 28, 2009

First 18 miler this Marathon Session

Dr. John left bruises on me last week from working out my IT band issues. They were still there when I went in this morning. I think I need more iron. Anyhow, he worked over my leg again today so I need to remember to ice it so I can run 8 tomorrow.

This has been an awesome week though. I know I've been feeling "Blue" but my running has been really good. Sunday, Vicki rode her bike along with Ross, Katie, Matt and I on our 18 mile run from 1mile to the end of the fire road 9 miles away and back. Lots of elevation change and technical running on the trail since its so rocky but I really did feel good the whole way. Vicki parked the bike at Horseshoe Lake then ran the hardest 8 miles in the middle with us. Matt turned around at mile 6.5 and headed back to his car so he got a total of about 8 in. Katie always talks about how much slower she is (trying to avoid injury) but she's faster that what she thinks. Ross totally underestimates himself too. I guess I do too. I'm so worried about being sabotaged that I sabotage myself.

So it was a really good 18 miles. Had good friends, beautiful things to look at in upper park and some good tunes on the ipod. I was tired but happy at the end. I even came in at a pace of 9:06 the last 1.7 miles of the run. I'd say that was a success.

Monday I ran with Liz for my 8 miles after Cindi had her shots so I couldn't take her with me. We started by warming up around the loops at Wildwood park then heading up towards upper park again. We came back along the back side of the creek, up through 5 mile, across the bridge again then along the trail back to the park when we ran into a snake on the path. It wasn't a rattler (I'm sure... well I'm pretty sure) but I didn't want to take any chances and Liz and I backtracked. We were still a little short so we had to do more laps at Wildwood but I didn't mind. Those 8 miles were much better than running alone.

Last night we ran hills in California Park and Canyon Oaks. Some of those hills go on forever! Its crazy! But I did it. I didn't stop to walk once, even if I was having SF flashbacks. I did positive affirmations and talked to my buddies along the way. I haven't run with Ed in so long it was nice to keep up this time. LOL.

I only ran two with Jenni today since I'm running 8 tomorrow and thought I'd just get my legs loosened up for John to work on. I wish I had him on retainer to help me all the time. LOL.


Mark said...

Sounds like an awesome place to run...thankfully the snakes in these parts have settled down for the Winter.

Steven Cohen said...

Mmm, snnnnnnnnakessssss. What kind of a winter do you get there, anyway?