Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Personal Worst is not a DNF

Amazing thing is that my legs held up. It was the rest of my body that revolted. Time for the half was somewhere around 2 hours 17 minutes. Although I've looked at the results several times I have not been able to commit to memory the exact time out of disappointment. BUT I'm getting over it a little at a time. Other things came up this weekend that made the trip so worth it. Spending quality time with my friends more than made up for that race. I'll post a real Nike Women's recap later.


Mark said...

That's right! You finished! That counts for a lot! Looking forward to the report.

ShirleyPerly said...

That course is a TOUGH one, though, with all those hills. Congrats on your finish and most definitely, there are other reasons to enjoy a race even when you don't run as well as you'd hoped.

Thanks for wishing me luck this weekend!

Steven Cohen said...

For whatever it's worth, each half you do is amazing to me, since I've never laced up for one! Keeping knocking out the miles!