Thursday, October 15, 2009

Talk with the Doc

OK, I was all freaked out but I'm better now. Dr. John said that of course my shins were sore. He was pretty invasive on Tuesday getting that all loosened up and even though I iced it takes a couple days to recover. He worked on them, my piriformis muscle and my my hip today so make sure I was a go on Saturday. My run today was much better. 4 miles without pain. We leave Saturday morning, EARLY to go to Nike Women's expo and I'm really excited to meet Sarah Bown Shae if I can manage to make it to the expo when she's there. We are in SF so we are also going to see the King Tut exhibit at the De Young museum in GG Park. Sunday is race day! Wahoo!


Steven Cohen said...

Well, it's Sunday night on the east coast. Results? Hope it was awesome!

Kai said...

Glad your shins are better - mine have been bugging me recently too, and I suspect my shoes are on the verge of retiring.

Hope your muscles and joints loosen up and you can keep running pain-free! Enjoy SF!